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                綠色能源 雙輪驅動 全球戰略
                Application fields
                Self-developed precursor materials such as cobaltosic oxide, NCM and NCA are widely used in power transportation, 3C digital and energy storage.
                Global layout

                Zhongwei shares closely follow the pace of the global high-end supply chain and help the development of the global new energy industry

                • Tongren

                • Ningxiang

                • Qinzhou

                • Sulawesi

                • Changsha

                • Hong Kong

                • Seoul

                • Nagoya

                • San Francisco

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                Contact us

                Public mailbox:cngr@cngrgf.com.cn
                Address:New Energy Industrial Park in Western China, Dalong Economic Development Zone, Yuping county, Tongren city, Guizhou

                CNGR Advanced Material Co., Ltd.
                Technical Support:Jingwang Smart Win  Sitemap  Business license

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